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Moganshan Mountain, locating in Deqing County in Hangjiahu plain, is in the middle of Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou economic zone. It is 60km to the northeast Hangzhou, 200km to the southwest Shanghai and also close to Suzhou (150km) and Wuxi (145km). The mountain was named after two generals who casted the famous sword in the end of Spring and Autumn Period. The rolling hills of Moganshan cover an area of 43 squire km with average height 500m above sea level, which is considered to be the best height for recuperate.

The sea of bamboo, running spring, various holiday houses and pavilions have made Moganshan Mountain one of the most beautiful scenic mountains in China. There are more than 100 interesting scenic spots, the beautiful Luhuatang Park, tranquil Wulin village, magnificent waterfall, Baiyunshan museum.

Moganshan Mountain is also the only summer resort in Shanghai economic area and is noted for its typical southeast essence, countless bamboo, varied cloud and limpid spring and clean, quiet, cool and tranquil environment.

Among the green bamboo and clean spring, you can find more than 200 holiday houses with different styles, gothic, baroque, rococo…. This is really world constructions expo.

Ticket: 80yuan/person (certain discount is provided to student, senior citizen and teacher)

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