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1. Visit Moganshan state-grade scenic spot
Moganshan is the exclusive National Scenic Spot in Huzhou area. It got this name because when in the late Spring and Autumn Period, Emperor Wu sent a couple Mo Ye and Gan Jiang, who were expert sword makers, to cast a unique male and female double-sword here. It’s the nearest famous mountain for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, and the unique summer resort for Shanghai economic zone. Although Moganshan is neither so magnificent as Taishan nor so mystical as Huangshan, it is famous home and abroad for its distinctive landscape verve South of Yangtze River, the “Three Wonderfulness” of bamboo, cloud, and spring, and the “four Excellences” of clarity, quietness, greenness and coolness. It is listed as the 'Four Best Summer Resorts in China' together with Beidaihe, Lushan Mountain, Jigong Mountain, and has long enjoyed the high reputation of “cool world”.
Moganshan has more than a hundred of scenic spots like beautiful Luhuadang Park, sequestered Wuling Village, soul-stirring Sword Pond Plunging Waterfall, full-data White Cloud Mountain House, majestic Extraordinary Rock Coer, wild Tashan Park, Tianchi Temple Track, Mogan Lake, Xuguang Platform, Celebrity Stele Forst, DiCui Lake, etc, which would make you have no thought of leaving.
Start from the villa, follow the signs, climb up along a primitive simple wandering sexy path and you can arrive the central scenic spot by walking. 

2. Outdoor hiking
Moganshan is a national scenic spot in China. Besides the full-bodied humanistic culture like cliff stone inscriptions and amazing history stories like Ganjiang and Moye, she is also blessed with the best hiking and sightseeing places in the south of Yangtze River in China. Emerald bamboo forests, ancient temples, wandering sexy paths, and yellow earth houses; walking all the way, scene all the way. Stop at anywhere will provide you yeaing.
We provide free hiking tracks. There’re 4 tracks for you to choose. You can ask for the track instructions from ayi.

3. Mountain bike
We have a good cooperation with Shanghai Prodigy Cycling Club and Shanghai CCT(China Cycle Tours) who are our appointed cooperators and can provide professional and ample mountain bike sports service. They’re equipped with Chinese and English professional trip leaders who can take you visit Moganshan and they all have inteational first aid license and related setup.
A) Guests need to book mountain bikes and trip leader 3 days in advance at least. Please try not to cancel it after booking. Cancellation should be 2 days in advance at least; if the booking is cancelled 1 day in advance, you have to pay a 50% cost; if it is cancelled that day, you have to pay 100% cost.
B) When hiring bikes, please provide the height of riders, and the age of children if have, so bike model can be determined accordingly.
C) Mountain bikes are rented from one day at least. The rental is 150RMB per bike, day. Every bike is equipped with helmet and leg wrappings.
D) Prodigy Cycling Club website:

4. Visit Shiyisi Reservoir
It takes you about 10 minutes from the villa to go downward to reach the Shiyisi Reservoir. It is a beautiful reservoir located in the middle of the mountain. When it’s hot, you can’t help jumping to the clear water to swim. (We don’t recommend guests to swim here, for the reservoir water is deep and cold and has height risk.)

5. Fishing 
We provide fishing tackle for free. You could fish if interested. Maybe you can enjoy the wild fish soup for supper.

6. Surf on the inteet
The villa provides wireless network for free. The signal is good.

7. Listening to music
The small bar in the villa is equipped with audio equipment and dozens of CD for you. With the warm sunshine and Bossa Nova music, you crimple leisurely in the beach bed, how comfortable could it be?

8. DVD
You could lie on the sofa in the living room and enjoy freely a mass of DVD prepared by the villa for you. There’s USB port in the TV of living room, so you can bring DVD too.

9. Drinking coffee/tea, chatting, playing card
It’s a distinct opportunity for several friends to gather together. Drinking tea, chatting, and playing card are a good way to relax.

10. Picking tea leaves
After appointing with ayi, she will help you contact for a tea garden. Then you can experience the interest and hardships of a tea farmer. It’s more of life experience.(This item costs 100RMB/2 hours per head.)

11. Looking for bamboo shoots in bamboo forest
After appointing with ayi, she will help you contact for a bamboo forest. With the bamboo billow sound, you could stroll in the bamboo forest, carrying a hoe and digging bamboo shoots. It looks like a good scene of “While picking bamboo shoots neath the Easte fence,my gaze upon the Mogan mountain rests”.(This item costs 50RMB/2 hours per head.)

12. Rafting
Moganshan Canyon Rafting started business in 2012. It’s located at the South side of Moganshan and is about 15 minutes’ drive from Moganshan Fleecity Resort. There’s a beautiful landscape in the rafting area. The rafting duration is about 1.5 hours. Ayis can contact for it when you have arrived in the villa.

13. Mogan
Besides the beautiful scene, profound humanistic culture, and the villas lived and built by foreigners a hundred years ago, its supreme characteristic is “Mogan” (don’t do anything in Chinese)――lie down and do nothing. Try to truly relax yourself and to make a real holiday trip…

14. Exceptions Clause
The outdoor activity、rent car and any other activity always remains certain dangers. Each attendee should have a clear instruction of your capability, take good use of your equipments, and get familiar with the surroundings. To those dangers and injuries which may occur during activity, including reach the endurance by yourself and bring to other people, once you decide to attend the activity, you should have done adequate comprehension and prudent estimation by entirely of your own volition. Our house only helps guests contact for various of activities. We do not take any responsibility for the injury or death during the activity. The attendees should take in charge of all risks and responsibilities on your own and do not have right to ask for the compensation and recovery of any injury and death and property loss from our house only based on our services during the activity

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