Eat at Fleecity  

1、“Meals instructions”

1.There’s no other restaurant nearby.
2.Provide good meals service, with 80 RMB per head, meal. See details below.
3.Free for children under (including) 5 years old. It depends on the introduction from guests for the age of children.
4.We also welcome guests taking self-help meals, and we don’t charge any fee.
Guests can also show your cooking capabilities with the food and flavoring you have brought in the kitchen. The house provides the following articles for free: refrigerator, kitchen equipment, gas, bowls/chopsticks/knives/forks, BBQ equipment, and BBQ natural charcoal. Our ayi will provide you the following service for free: clean field after meals, wash dishes, fire BBQ equipment. The other work such as buying food materials, flavorings, cleaning food materials before cooking, cooking, etc will be self-helped by guests. If other service or other articles such as flavoring is needed, We will charge a service and flavoring fee of above RMB30 per head.
5. Guests can enjoy free unrestricted coffee, black tea, green tea. Other wine or drinks will be charged.
6. It’s allowed for guests to bring wine/drinks, and no service charge is required.

2、Free breakfast:

1. Local village style breakfast refers to: local noodles, fried bread stick, steamed bread, rice porridge, cakes, vegetables, etc.
2. Weste style breakfast includes at least bacon, bread, fried eggs, fruit juice, coffee, milk, fruit, vegetables, etc.
3. Weste style breakfast will be provided if there’s no particular appointment.

3. Meals type and charge

Beside free breakfast, we also provide three types of lunch and supper service:
● 1. Local Chinese food
● 2. BBQ
● 3. Simple weste food
● For any one meal type, the charge is 80RMB per head, meal.
●(Free for children under and including 5 years old. It depends on the introduction from guests for the age of children.) 1. Local Chinese food: You can enjoy very fresh vegetables and fish/meat/shrimp, etc. Our ayi will make her private dishes which are absolutely fresh, clean, and delicious. Our ayi will also follow the good cooking habit of using a small quantity of salt, oil, and no MSG. Besides the guarantee of fresh food materials, ayi also try to buy local and wild materials, and meanwhile uses wild mushrooms or bamboo shoot in cooking to give a delicious taste.
Following is the menu (considering the factors of purchase and season, please don’t specify it.)

Braised bamboo shoots  Towel gourd  Wild vegetable   White gourd  Agaric fried with cucumber  Broccoli with garlic  String beans with garlic  Tomato and egg  Onion and egg  Garlic sprout with pork shreds Pork shreds with celery  Garlic leaf with mushroom  Braised eggplant slices  Sour and spicy potato stir-fry Chinese cabbage “qing cai” with mushroom  Spinach with button mushroom Wild vegetable with egg  Hot pot of winter bamboo shoots and seasonal greens
Meat dishes
Preserved pork with bamboo shoots  Braised pork (Hong shao rou)  Braised chicken  Chicken bamboo pot Fish  Sour and spicy pork slices  Beef and green pepper  Stir-fried shelled shrimps  Braised duck meat Braised pork with dried bamboo shoots
RMB 80 tandard for each person, each meal,from above dishes
1~2 persons: 3 dishes (one meat dish, two vegetarian dishes)
3~4 persons: 4 dishes (two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes)
5~6 persons: 5 dishes (three meat dishes, three vegetarian dishes )
7~10 persons: 10 dishes(four meat dishes, five vegetarian dishes, one soup)
Above 11 persons: 13 dishes(five meat dishes, seven vegetarian dishes, one soup)

2. BBQ:
Use natural bamboo coal as fuel. Ayi will season food materials in advance, roast based on the meal time of guests. In the sound of bamboo billow, under the starlight, raging fire, sweet-smelling meat, makes you look forward to it. Every body can enjoy: a portion of beef steak, a portion of chicken wings or chicken drumsticks, some portions of vegetables, a portion of pork pie or beef pie, a portion of hamburger, etc. (Free) children can enjoy the same too. (The menu will be adjusted as per purchase condition, but wouldn’t be lower than the above standard.)

3. Simple weste food:
A portion of beef steak, a portion of vegetable salad, a portion of hamburger, fruit salad, drinks, drinking water, etc.

4. Consumption at the bar
Our little bar has many wine, beer, whisky, etc for guests to enjoy with charge:
Hennessy V.S.O.P   800 RMB/bottle
Jacob”s Creek Red Wine   300 RMB/bottle
CHIVAS REGAL 12   400 RMB/bottle
Glenfiddich Whisky 12   400 RMB/bottle
Heineken Beer   30 RMB/ bottle
TSINGTAO Beer   30 RMB/bottle
PEPSI COLA   5 RMB/bottle
Watsons Water   15 RMB/bottle
NONGFU Water   5 RMB/bottle

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