Moganshan Fleecity Resort

No.4 395, Laoling Village, Moganshan town of Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province 313204

Miss Fang (0)188-5722-9640

How to book:

Note 1. After you have confirmed the reservation by either way, we will give you a final order number later. If you haven’t received any reservation number, it means your booking in unsuccessful.

Note 2. Entire house booking for at least 2 nights for weekends and holidays can be made at anytime in advance, and a 20% deposit is required (non-retuable); entire house booking for 1 night or individual guests (part of the rooms) booking for weekends and holidays start from 7 days in advance, no deposit required.

Note3. We don't accept credit card payment since there's no POS in the villa; please pay cash when check-out.

Booking process:

Booking communication with us by call, website, or e-mail →Booking information confirmation of both sides, and we provide confirmation number → Keep the rooms for you (a 20% deposit required only for 2 nights booking on weekends and holidays) → Check in (no deposit needed) → Pay when check out

There’re two booking methods:

1. Strongly recommended method:

E-mail booking, which can minimize understanding mistakes.You can send us e-mails, and we would contact you in time. FORESTHOUSE@126.COM

2. Phone booking:

You could call or send short messages to:
Miss Fang:(0)188-5722-9640

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