Where is Moganshan Fleecity Resort?

●  Located at the395 village on top of Moganshan which is very beautiful, Moganshan Fleecity Resort is 180km away from Shanghai and 80km away from Hangzhou. Cars can arrive directly to the gate of the villa. It has become a vacation resort here for foreigners in surrounding cities like Shanghai.

● The driving route to our villa is different from the route to Moganshan central tourist spots. [Check the map]

Is there car rental service?

● We have a good cooperation with Hangzhou car rental company and we can help you book cars. The vehicle types and prices for pick-up from Hangzhou train station to our villa are as the following:a) 4 persons or blow, common taxi (Santana 2000), RMB 300/single trip;

b) 6 persons or below, Honda Odyssey business car, RMB 500/single trip;

c) 14 persons or below, Ford TRANSIT, RMB 800/single trip;

The driver would wait for you at the exit of train station, lifting a card.

● From our villa to Hangzhou train station, the price is the same as above, and the driver would come to the gate of the villa and pick you up to Hangzhou train station.

● Our villa can provide the above arrangement help, and you can pay directly to the car rental company. We don’t earn money or require service charge for it.

If you hire a car directly from Shanghai, the cost would be higher, and we suggest the above way for a lower cost.

What days does “weekends and public holidays” refer to?

● Weekends refer to three nights of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Public holidays refer to legal holidays, including New Year’s Day, Moon Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Labor's Day, Chinese Spring Festival, Chinese National Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

How many room are there in the villa and their prices?

●Individual Guests:

There’re 8 rooms in the villa:

• 201#,202#,203# those rooms are 3 Mountain-View Rooms, standard rooms with 2 beds (which can be put together for a double bed without slot), on second floor (RMB 799 per room for business days, RMB 999 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons).

• 204#, Mountain view room, with balcony , on second floor (RMB 799 per room for business days, RMB 999 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons), Japanese type Tatami room, with air-conditioners, private bath room

• 205#, Common Room, no mountain view, on second floor (RMB 599 per room for business days, RMB 799 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons), Japanese type Tatami room, with air-conditioners, private bath room

• 206# ,Mountain view room, with balcony , on second floor (RMB 799 per room for business days, RMB 999 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons), with 180CM-wide European style iron bed.desk, private bath room, and air-conditioner.

• 101#, Common Room (RMB 599 per room for business days, RMB 799 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons), with 200cm-wide beds, with private bath room and air-conditioner.

• 102#, Mountain view Room, with balcony (RMB 799 per room for business days, RMB 999 per room for weekends and public holidays, for two persons), with 200cm-wide beds, with private bath room and air conditioner.

An extra bed costs RMB100/person (free for children).

The above prices include breakfast and service charge.

● Group accommodation (renting the entire house):

It’s RMB 5,000/day for business day and RMB 7,000/day for weekends and public holidays. Population should be controlled under 20 (Japanese Tatami room can hold 4 person per room), otherwise it would be very crowded. Then we would hang a “don’t disturb” sign at the gate of the villa, and our canteen and bar wouldn’t be open to public but only to you. The whole villa would belong to your group.

The above prices include breakfast and service charge.

What entertainment can our villa provide?

● It takes you 30 minutes by walk up to reach the Moganshan central beauty spot, or 10 minutes by walk down to reach the pretty ShiYiSi reservoir forexcurse . Our villa provides fishing rod for free, and you can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful nature scene while fishing.

● It is an Arcadia far away from the urban. You can go visit the central tourist spots, go to the reservoir for fishing and excurse , or you can enjoy the sunshine while lying on the chaise longue, listen to the music, read, or you can go online, watch DVD, or go pub; you can walk in the bamboo lined path, or pick tea leaves, dig bamboo shoots; you can hire a mountain bike to take exercise desperately; the especially clean sky enables you to see stars and moonlight that you might haven’t seen for a long time; the especially quiet night enables you to hear the worm chirps, the surf sound of the bamboo sea, the happy note of the streamlet at the doorway that you might haven’t seen for a long time, and such wonderful music makes you feel sleeping in childhood cradle.

Is a ticket needed for entering Moganshan central tourist spots?

● You can enter the Moganshan central tourist spots area by walking through a beautiful mountain path, by which a RMB 80 gate ticket can be omitted. Part of the small tourist spots inside still needs to be charged.

Does the villa provide towels, bath towels, shampoo, etc?

● All staff from Moganshan Fleecity Resort has been focused on the hospitable service and creating absolutely clean environment for guests. The especially plain and hospitable attitude of the aunts in the villa will surely make you feel family warm; complete equipped towels, bath towels, floor towels, beddings, and pillows are all cleaned as per hotel criteria; all the clean articles will make you feel professional service.

Moganshan Fleecity Resort provides household shampoo, body wash (usually are from P&G), hand wash, slippers, disposable tooth set, comb, etc for free.

Does the villa provide drinks?

● In Moganshan Fleecity Resort, you can enjoy unrestricted coffee, local green tea, black tea, spring water, and ice water for free. We have ice machine and can provide ice blocks for free.

● The bar of the villa will also provide beer, wine, whisky, distilled water, etc with charge.

Does the villa provide breakfast? What’s the menu for breakfast/lunch/supper? Is there a nearby restaurant?

● In Moganshan Fleecity Resort, you can also enjoy all kinds of especially fresh vegetables, fish, meat, shrimps, etc. The fresh, clean, and delicious secret recipe dishes from our aunt will be ready for your taste; we have also prepared simple western food and BBQ for your choose. No matter which one you choose, you just need to pay RMB 80(per person, meal)to enjoy it. Drinks are not included.

● Manu details [Click here]

● There’s no restaurant near the villa.

We also welcome guests taking self-help meals, and we don’t charge any fee.

● Guests can also show your cooking capabilities with the food and flavoring you have brought in the kitchen. The house provides the following articles for free: refrigerator, kitchen equipment, gas, bowls/chopsticks/knives/forks, rice, BBQ equipment, and BBQ natural charcoal. Our ayi will provide you the following service for free: clean field after meals, wash dishes, fire BBQ equipment. The other work such as buying food materials, flavorings, cleaning food materials before cooking, cooking, etc will be self-helped by guests. If other service or other articles such as flavoring is needed, the cost will be charged.

What is the check-in and check-out time?

Usually the check-in is 1:30pm and check-out time is 12 pm, but if you tell me the definite time in advance which has no conflict with other guests, we can extend the check-in (10am earliest) and check-out (4pm latest) time for you without any extra fee

Can the payment made with POS machine? Is there any ATM?

● There’s no POS machine installed in the villa currently, so only cash is acceptable; the nearest Automatic Teller Machine is about 25KM from the villa.

Are there any mountain bikes in the villa for hiring ? Are there any guides?

● There’s no bike currently, but if you tell us in advance, we can help contact. The cost is RMB 150/day for a bike.

● There’s no professional guide in the villa, but we can help you contact. No matter how large your group is, the cost is usually RMB 300 per time (depends on high season or not). The guide would take you visit the central tourist spots and usually needs half a day, but unfortunately there’s basically no English guide in Moganshan.

Can we help find a hotel room for your driver?

● Yes, we can help contact the hotel at the foot of the mountain for your driver. That is standard room with RMB200/room. It’s about 10KM away from the villa.

Will the ayis stay in the villa at night?

● Our villa is semi self-help type, so there will be 2-4 ayis serving you at daytime and they go back home every night after finishing the work to leave private space for guests. If having urgent issues, guests can call the reservation number or ayi’s number.

How to confirm the reservation?Is a deposit required?

★ If you would like to confirm the reservation, we would send you a form. Please fill it and send back to us. If it’s convenient for you, please pay 20% of the total room price as a deposit, and the rest can be paid in cash when check-out.

Deposit wire route:Bank of China branch in Huzhou Great Wall Account name:HeBin 

Account number: 6227 5233 0526 3415

★ If it’s inconvenient for you to make the deposit, please kindly fill the form and send back to us as a “conformation e-mail” in which you will express that you have confirmed the reservation. Then we will keep the rooms for you, and you just need to pay cash when check-out.

★  After you have confirmed the reservation by either way, we will give you a final order number later. If you haven’t received any reservation number, it means your booking in unsuccessful.

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