Moganshan Moganshan Fleecity Resort is located at the top of Moganshan Mountain and in the 395 Foreigners Village.
Deqing Shanjiuwu, a beautiful and peaceful village, located at half way up the Moganshan Mountain, which is one of the four most famous summer resorts in China, has attracted a lot of visitors for holidays. It is famous for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere and nice climate created by the moutaintop and clean water.
Moganshan Fleecity Resort is located at the center of this area. She is built along the mountain slopes, under the blue sky and white cloud, and covered in the green mountain and bamboos. It takes you 30 minutes by walk up to reach the Moganshan central beauty spot, and 10 minutes by walk down to reach ShiYiSi reservoir for fishing and excurse . Here, people from the city can have a thorough relaxation.
Moganshan Fleecity Resort is a two floors building with Chinese - European style. It was designed by the owner specially to create a feeling of separate space and family style atmosphere.
Rooms are on both floors. There’re 8 rooms in total, among which are 5 Mountain-View Rooms ( with independent rest room), 1 Common Rooms (standard room,with private bathroom), and 2 Type Rooms (Japanese type Tatami room, with private bathroom, can hold 4 persons at the same time). The house can hold 20 persons at the same time.
One the first floor, there is a big outdoor garden with full set of BBQ facilities and solid wood tables and benches. There are a lot of cooking facilities in the kitchen and you can help yourself to make delicious food and enjoy with your family and friends. The big wood dining table, delicate wood burning stove, various books, and soft sofa create a comfortable environment. Singing birds and fragrant flowers in spring, green shade and cool spring in summer, blue sky and pale cloud in autumn and warm stove and hot drink in winter. You are warmly welcome in any season.
leave nothing but troubles;
greedy on nothing but pure air;
take nothing but good memories.
A:Individual visitor
mountain view room(with balcony):   
Weekend: RMB999
Business day:RMB799
Ordinary room(no mountain view, without balcony):
Business day:RMB599
Per room(two adults) Per night
B:Renting the entire house
Business day:RMB5,000
Max 20 persons Per night
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